About Us

We at TanCloud created the VacuFlat Mattress Bag because we wanted an easy way to compress and store our memory foam mattresses. We love our memory foam mattresses, but we’ve found that moving, packing, and storing them can be a hassle. When it came time for us to put two of our mattresses in temporary storage, we wanted to compress them down into the nice, neat boxes they came in, but we found that there was no readily available solution for us to do that.

Mattress manufacturers use specialized machinery to package a mattress for shipping, so that was out the question. The other option was a DIY vacuum bag using a traditional mattress bag, but we found it cumbersome to work with and practically impossible to get an air-tight seal. We scoured the market to see if we could find a mattress sized vacuum bag for sale, but found that nobody offered one. So we took the initiative to design our own, have it manufactured, and share it with the public.

While we are the creators of the VacuFlat Mattress Storage Bag, we are also it’s first customers. We want to ensure that you find our bags to be as useful as we have. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.