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How to Ship or Return a Foam Mattress

“Objects at rest stay at rest.” –Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Bed-in-a-box mattress sellers and distributors understand that once they get their product into your home, it’s likely to stay there, regardless of whether the mattress is the right fit for you. While the marketing tactics — like ‘Risk Free’, ‘100 Night Trail’, and ‘Free Returns’ — may provide confidence and reassurance at the time of purchase, it does nothing offset the time, effort, and hassle required to get the mattress out of your house and onto a mail truck for a return.

When we were looking for a solution to compress our own foam mattresses for storage, I did some research to see what solutions other folks had come up with for compressing foam mattresses. I figured that I couldn’t be the first person to have this problem, and there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel, so to speak. What I found during this process greatly surprised me: several bed-in-a-box companies have actually created videos with the sole purpose of influencing viewers to believe that compressing and returning a mattress is much too complicated for the average person. Don’t believe me, check these out for yourself:
While these videos may carry some entertainment value, this type of click-bait is not at all helpful for the customer who simply wants to return a mattress for a refund.

The great news is that shipping or returning a foam mattress is much easier than the bed-in-a-box companies make it out to be. While we can’t guarantee that your mattress will fit into the box it came in, we can provide you with the best way to compress and ship or return that mattress using a VacuFlat Foam Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag. Just follow these steps:

  1. Compress your foam mattress with a VacuFlat Foam Mattress Vacuum Storage Bag. Complete instructions can be found here.
  2. Put the mattress back into the original box it came in. If it no longer fits, use one of these two alternatives:
    • If the diameter of your rolled mattress is less than 15 inches, golf-bag boxes or sport-utility boxes can be used. These boxes typically measure 15″x15″x48″ and are generally available at places that sell moving supplies. For Full, Queen, and King Mattress, buy two and telescope them.
    • OR wrap the mattress in 2-3 layers of plastic sheeting instead of using a box. Ensure the sheeting is well taped — leave no loose ends that can be torn.
  3. Slap on a shipping label and schedule a time for pickup. USPS, UPS, and FedEx make it easy to print labels and schedule pickup online, so you won’t need to worry about hauling it away from your house.

If you found this helpful, contact us or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “How to Ship or Return a Foam Mattress

  1. That’s a good idea to use the original box. I feel like that would help to make sure that it fits. I’ll have to keep mine if I decide to get a mattress online.

  2. Will this mess up your mattress ? I’m moving and have a bed in a box but want to make sure it won’t damage the mattress

    1. Hi Victor,
      We’ve never seen nor heard of an issue with a mattress that has been packed and moved in one of our bags. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  3. Hi
    Do you ship to the UK? If so do you know roughly the shipping time?
    Also are the mattress sizes the same as UK?


    1. Indeed, we do ship ship to the UK. The shipping time will depend on the method chosen at checkout.

      Our bags are sized based on common U.S. mattress sizes. Here is the list of equivalent mattress sizes:
      UK SuperKing = US King
      UK King = US Queen
      UK Double = US Full (or US Double)
      UK Single = US Twin (or US Single)

  4. Will your US Full be back in stock soon?

    1. Please see our homepage for updates regarding stock.

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